About us

Trend VR - Virtual News, Events, Gear Network

Welcome to Trend VR, this news network is gear specifically for those that want to promote various virtual platform, mixed & virtual reality outlets online.

This includes virtual networks like High Fidelity, Sinespace, Second Life, Sansar, VR Chat and other games like No Man's Sky's up coming VR Edition!

This network is also for posting news relating to hardware and gear for various platforms like steam's valve index, HTC Vive & Pro, oculus quest, rift, rift s, oculus go, Microsoft holo lens, magic leap augmented reality glasses, Tesla Suit Haptic Feedback boy suit and things like the omni tredmill and more.

This website is community driven by it's members of gamers, hobbyist and enthusiasts with a shared interest in both virtual reality and virtual platforms.

Trend VR was created as a News Outlet by Athayus Quan who is also the founder of Social VR, Pixel VR, Shop VR, Screen VR, Sound Mix and Flirt VR to name a few websites in our network.

If you need support from any of our networks including this site please contact us via Info and we'll reply in 1 to 2 business days.

Thank you for your interest Trend VR!