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Deja Vu... You shook my bones, you sucked me dry
Running out of air, I'm chasing after you, after you
Falling out of love, there's nothing left to do, left to do
You shook my bones, you sucked me dry
But I couldn't find the words to tell you
Please, baby, swear you're only mine
Tied up in a knot we can't undo
I learned I have an incurable condition. “It’s called vitiligo,” the doctor told me in a cold, matter-of-fact way. With vitiligo, cells that make color in the skin (called melanocytes) are destroyed, causing white patches to appear randomly all over the body, according to the National Institutes of Health. Michael Jackson had it, and fashion model Winnie Harlow has made headlines for landing high-profile campaigns despite her spots. (...)
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