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Home & Garden Expo Design Challenge: The Weather Outpost 017

STORYLINE: In a not-too-distant future where the climate and oceans are rapidly changing, few brave souls willingly live in the danger zone. Stationed at Weather Outpost 017, located in the Florida Keys, is one such person, a Climate Scientist. His mission is to collect vital data for better weather forecasting, and transmit it back to NOAA and the National Hurricane Center in New Miami. 

More than just a home, the Outpost also functions as meeting area and office space for visiting scientists, government officials, and journalists. The curved home is built to withstand extreme weather and packed with advanced Green Technology. It generates its own power for the home, appliances, and the electric truck outside using a 
wind turbine and solar panels. Water is produced thanks to a rainwater collection cistern connected to the roof. Food is grown on the roof top garden. 

Being located close to the Gulf of Mexico, the home is raised off the ground in case of storm surge. The thick LED infused glass windows are handy for Heads-Up weather alert displays, and they are also shatter-proof up to a Cat 5 Hurricane.

Unlike the old Lighthouses of a bygone era, the Weather Outpost is better able to entertain its lonely resident with satellite link internet for watching TV, holding video conference calls, and playing games against other people through the internet. 

It's a dangerous life in what was once considered paradise, but the Climate Scientist is committed to his cause to save lives.

This is my entry to this year's Decorating Competition at the Home & Garden Expo! The challenge is to decorate one of 14 homes with 450 prims in one week, and include at least 3 Relay for Life donation items for sell from the Expo. The winners are determined by votes paid with Ls to the RFL kiosks in front of each home. All the money raised from the home design challenge goes directly to Relay for Life. Voting will close at midnight SLT on March 12th. You can read more about the contest here: decorating-competition.

Home & Garden Expo Design Challenge: Weather Outpost #017 by DevinVaughn
My idea for the home is Futurist style and Green Technology.
(NOTE: The gamer chair, figurine, fridge, & geosphere donated by Akira Voorhees. Thanks, Akira!)
You can visit my house and other houses and for vote for your favorites here: Its all for a good cause!
Home & Garden Expo Design Challenge: House 13 Natane


....By the way, did you catch the debut of the brand new Linden Home theme , The Lodge Cabins in the Redwoods? You can run go see them here: Linden Homes - Log Cabins

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