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An Invitation I Wasn't Sure to Accept


 I horse went lame and I had to find shelter for the night while the groom tended to his hoof. It was a pretty sparse area without much around but wilderness and I was losing hope just as a house appeared on the horizon. Hurrying towards it, I paused when noticing the inhabitnat was a drowess! I had heard tales of these dangerous females, but never had met one personally. Off to the side of the house was a strange statue with three trolls and foliage growing over them. Something appeared strange about it though, a magical essence permeating from it...





 She noticed me and grinned, stepping into her house and motioning for me to come in. Somehow, she knew my predicament. What was I getting myself into? And just exactly WHAT was that creature by the front door?! I hesitated for a moment in doubt and had to force myself to be brave enough to step forward. 


The house was almost empty with very little furniture within, but was was there, was alarming. Strange little creatures wandered about, mold grew in large quantities and she was holding another of those weird creatures in her arms as I entered. I noticed a table with a few strange items, but what caught my eye was the St Andrews cross against the wall. Yeah, I wasn't staying any longer than need be here! 

Setting the creature down to join the others, she held out her arms once more and began to speak to me, a strange shimmer took hold of her visage. Her words were kind enough and I was lured into the spell. Never to see the light of day again.


Shopping List
(Sponsors in Bold Print)

Stargazer Creations Drow Avatar - Edgy Eggplant 

Includes mesh monochromes hair in 2 sizes with HUD, Body appliers with options for Abs/Basic, system and mesh eyes in 3 colors, and system/BOM layers in 6 different facial options and each with 4 body options. Also includes face appliers with 6 options.

Mesh Body Parts:
  Genus -  Classic Face W001 - Mocap

 LEGACY Female Mesh body


Body materials: 

Stargazer Creations - Royal Flush

The Royal Flush body materials comes with appliers for Catwa, Omega Evolved, Legacy, Maitreya 5.0 and Jake with LIFETIME updates as with all of their products.


Ari-Pari Vena Laced-Up Dress 

- Twisted Hunt Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus, Maitreya, Slink HG/Physique with 10 Suede Color Option HUD.  Main prize for Twisted Hunt- Drow September 1-30

Wicca's Originals - Ryn Gloves 

 Maitreya Left and Right included



Semi-Precious - Chalthara Twisted Gatcha  

This gatcha is 25L per play or there is a fatpack available for purchase for 500L. There are 31 color variants in all, each color includes necklace and earrings with 3 metals and 3 leathers via HUD. 20 commons, 6 uncommons, 4 rares and 1 ultrarare to win. Shown is  TWISTED PRANK  which is a rare. This is an exclusive Gacha collection for Twisted Hunt- Drow September 1-30



Little 2 Large Who Caught Whom? 

Twisted Hunt- Drow  Midnight Madness item.   Target is 42 and does not reset at Midnight.


GalleryOne - Unicorn Lore:  A Twisted Hunt- Drow  sale item. it is only 50L during the Hunt. This is not exclusive to the hunt, and will be for sale at a higher price after the hunt has ended.

GalleryOne - The Cleric's Shelf - This great decor item is a Twi

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