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After the Awakening


 It was silent in the kingdom as she slept the eternal sleep the spell put her into. A kiss from a true love was the only to wake her. But, after that blessed event, the area remained as a reminder to what had been and what would be. Rose vines taking over as nature made her claim yet somehow, never overtook the area completely. Magic lives here.




 Little Branch - Crispy Grass

Animated, 4 Seasons menu, Soft 100% Mesh  + 4 Seasons + Low Lag

MOoH! - Enchanted rose gacha 

Prizes include 16 items including 2 rares. This can be played at Enchantment- Sleeping Beauty Aug 8 - Aug 31.


MOoH! - Enchanted rose 

A rose beneath the glass, a reminder of what was can decorate your home as well. This is a hunt prize for the Enchantment- Sleeping Beauty Hunt.  Hint: Teddy bear asks a rose for a rose

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