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STORYLINE: The mournful sounds of a pipe organ reverberated throughout the metal hull of the Nautilus. Captain Nemo's sour mood was made obvious to all. His submersible ship lay sunk on the ocean floor, wounded by a Kraken attack. They were so close to finding the lost city of Atlantis! It was frustrating. But Captain Nemo could not be so easily defeated. They would make the necessary repairs and be underway on the hunt in less than a week.


EVENT: Aengima: Dreadful Depths


Designers Shown: Action, Aengima, Badwolf, BareRose, Devin Vaughn, Fallen Gods, Gabriel, Graveyard, KiB Designs, La Malvada Mujer, LunaRosarie, momomuller / 3M, Mr Poet, Raven Bell, Static, TABLEAU VIVANT, TheShops,


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