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STORYLINE: Hagrid was awoken by a sudden freak chill in the summer night air. He was grabbing his thickest blanket when he heard a loud bang in the other room followed by the startled squawks of the baby hippogriffs. "Off! Off! Get off me!" The home invader none other than sixth year student Fennimore who was busy waving his wand wildly. "Hagrid! HAGRID! Help me!" Fennimore was firing off ill-thought spells in an attempt to loosen the grip of the snake coiled tight around him. "Easy now. Don' yeh worry, Fenny. Once ye stop all that yippin', she'll relax. She's more scared then ye, and twice as cold."


Event: Wizarding Faire 2020

Designers shown: +FATHER, banana peel, Clover, Devin Vaughn, DURA, FATEplay, IKON, Madpeas, Mischief Managed, Raven Bell, Second Spaces, Signature, TABLEAU VIVANT, Titans, Wizarding Faire, yzk,

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