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Gentle Hues Make an Impact in our Family Room
Tylar's Treasures has another great furniture set for us. The Hudson Collection set includes:
Floor Vase with Eucalyptus
Fireplace with 3 color texture menu for the wood, by touch decor option
Drapes with texture change menu - 8 colors drapes, 2 for rod
Dessert Ottoman animatted with couples chat, eat, drink coffee, by touch decor rez menu, texture menu with 8 colors
Chair Bento Singles animated with animated with 6 male and 6 female singles + sequence and texture change menu containing 8 colors for leather, 3 for wood
Side Table Drawers open and close on touch, 3 texture menu for wood
Sofa Bento Cuddles animated with 2 slow dances, 6 bento couples cuddles + sequence, 6 male + 6 female bento singles + sequence. 8 color texture changer for leather, 3 for wood
Lamp includes 8 color texture change menu
Also shown by Tylar's Treasures:
Coastal Palm Rope Planters 
A trio of palms, features 3 sizes of palms in rope baskets. They are individual so you can move them around as you like.
Brantley Boho Hanging Chair - Adult (Also available in Cuddles version)
animated with 2 slow dances, 6 bento cuddles + sequence, 9 bento multi-speed adult  + sequence,
6 male and and 6 female single with sequence. Also includes 5 color texture color for cushion.
Brantley Boho Pillow Pile Bento Cuddles  
Animated with 2 slow dances, 6 bento couples cuddles + sequence, 6 male and 6 female single + sequence
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