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Auxentio's Pass: War of the Worlds

STORYLINE: A trumpeting blast above the endless mechanical heartbeat of Auxentio's Pass shook the ground. Detective Moth cursed under his breath. Of all the rotten days to be assigned undercover in the Red Light district... Snow and ice above him suddenly gave way and fell from the roof. He quickly jumped back to the facade of his favorite hangout, Ye Olde Cigar Shop. A deadly falling ice spear missed him by mere inches. It would be been an impressive display of quick reflexes if not that he also slipped in his high heeled boots and fell on top a hot steampipe. He cried out in pain. Yet another bad stroke of luck, this time attracting the wrong kind of attention. The ground trembled under the heavy stomp of the Martian War Machine. The towering behemoth rounded the corner of the snow clad brownstones and aimed directly at him. "Shit!" No time to run. Moth quickly jumped, his mechanical wings straining under the demand. Up! Up! An angry blast of Martian wrath shot out. ...Ha! missed him. The lumbering machine's vulnerable spot was in clear striking distance. A smirk curled around the Moth's cigar. Maybe it was his lucky day after all....

Events: Fantasy Faire 2020, Engine Room

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