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Aenigma Madness: Prince Of Hearts_DevinVaughn

STORYLINE: The Prince of Hearts was furious with his mother. The Queen of Hearts never listened to him. He warned her there was a swarm of paper eating Jabberwocks coming to infest Wonderland. He offered simple solutions to deal with the problem, but she refused to listen to him. She cared more about stupid things like her popularity with the card soldiers, or how many heart-shaped rubies she amassed. He accused her in front of the entire court of being blind. For his crime, she had his left eye plucked out. To retaliate, in a fit of madness, he took his wrath out on her prized roses.


Event: Aenigma : Madness


Designers shown: [3M], Apple Fall, Belleza, Botanical, Curio Obscura, Devin Vaughn, Enchant3D, FATE, Izzie's, Junbug, KOOQLA, Luna Rosarie, MANDALA, Maru Kado, MINDS, RavenBell, RIOT, Silvery K, SWaGGa, TWC, Violent Seduction,


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